Sample Project: Geothermal

Depending on how the geothermal heat is used, geothermal projects generate either Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs) or RECs. If, for example, the geothermal project will generate electricity, then one REC will be created for each megawatt hour that is produced. If, on the other hand, the heat will be used for heating purposes, and if this heat will reduce combustion of fossil fuel, then VCUs may be developed.

CSNW currently represents the Town of Lakeview in Southern Oregon, where we are exploring alternatives for monetization of both RECs and VCUs at proposed power-generation and district-heating facilities. Importantly, 13 states, including Nevada and Arizona, permit REC creation when process or space heat is created from a renewable resource, such as geothermal energy.CSNW has also collaborated with the Environmental Defense Fund on assessment of livestock-methane initiatives.