Sample Project: Extended Rotation Age

A Washington-state-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is working with a nationally-recognized Timber Industry Management Organization (TIMO) to extend harvest rotations on approximately 12,000 acres of commercial timberland that has, to date, been aggressively harvested. The NGO plans to acquire the land and then continue to harvest this timberland in a sustainable manner by significantly extending the age at which timber is cut on this property. Naturally, trees that grow longer sequester additional carbon, and the value associated with this additional CO2 is an important financial tool needed to take this project from the starting blocks to the finish line.

CSNW is also working with a tribe on the Central Oregon Coast in an effort to help the tribe expand tribal lands through acquisition of privately-held timberland that is adjacent to the reservation. Carbon revenue associated with extending harvest rotation age from 35 years to 80 years may help this project reach a “tipping point” where land acquisition is possible.

CSNW has also worked on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund on assessment of carbon-sequestration projects in the forestry sector.