2009 Conferences and Tradeshows:

Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industries: “Engineering, Pulping & Environmental Conference”
Memphis, Tennessee: October, 2009

Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting: “Getting More Geothermal Projects On-Line”
Reno, Nevada: October, 2009

The Northwest Environmental Business Council’s “Climate Change: Positioning Your Business”
Portland, Oregon: September, 2009

The Seminar Group’s “Environmental Initiatives for 2009 & Beyond”
Seattle, Washington: September, 2009

EISENMANN Biomass-Boiler Workshops
Manchester, New Hampshire & Charlotte, North Carolina: July, 2009

Action for a Sustainable America (ASA)
Seattle, Washington: June, 2009

The Northwest Environmental Business Council’s “The Business of Renewable Energy” conference
Portland, Oregon: April, 2009

Preparing for the Carbon Market: Forestry Offsets
Portland, Oregon: March, 2009

Ecology & Environment’s Carbon-Management Seminar
Portland, Oregon: January, 2009


Carbon Solutions Northwest (CSNW) leads panel discussions relating to emissions reductions, Carbon footprinting and mitigation.