Carbon Footprinting Services

Carbon Solutions Northwest (CSNW) helps small and mid-sized companies determine their carbon footprint by preparing an inventory of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a cost-competitive basis.
Companies create GHG emissions both directly and indirectly. Direct emissions include burning fossil fuels to create space or process heat, or for purposes of transportation. Consumption of electricity is an indirect GHG emission. The emissions are not generated onsite; however, the organization that consumes the electricity is responsible for the emissions associated with producing that electricity.
GHG emissions are also embodied in the products which companies use on a regular basis. We take such emission sources into consideration when preparing GHG inventories on behalf of our cost-conscious clients.

Carbon Mitigation Services

Many companies are content to itemize and inventory their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Other organizations want to go farther; they want to neutralize, or mitigate, their carbon footprint.

At CSNW, we help companies that have compiled their GHG inventory to mitigate that carbon footprint. We can mitigate your emissions by:

• Identification of viable and cost-effective mechanisms for reducing onsite energy consumption
• Collaborating with reputable project developers to determine feasibility of onsite renewable energy resources
• Examination of an organization’s waste management practices
• Identification of credible carbon offsets and negotiation of fair pricing